Tuesday, March 31, 2009

those were the days

those were d days
when we all were use to be together
those were d days
when we laughed for each other
those were d days
we stayed awake all nights
those were d days.....

now a dust of wind
has blown it all
now there is no one to wipe our tears
and nothing is left in our hands
but when we r alone
we still keep sayin
those were d days....

we tried to rescue our self
from this attack of time
we stayed awake all night
to find a solution ,
but we didnt knew that
our lonely nights have just began.
but we still kept dreamin:
those were d days...

friendship merly a word for us
or does it mean something to us?
we dnt have to ask this qouestion to others
but we gotto ask this to our self
so that we should stop sayin "those were d days"
and start livin those days..

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