Tuesday, March 31, 2009

my college friends

my college friends
i met them in this strange city
the city beautiful chandigarh

faatu was that guy
i met him on my first day
he didnt gv me a smile
but we have been toghter since a while

rahul the dog
was the don
but always goes down
with the dawn.

narayan the "cute" sardar
always ready to give a ride
but never ready to show her sister's side
gosh she is damn hot!!!

chadha the other delhite
never remained in front of my site
but was always ready for chadhi's love bite

vanu the moti
always makes the ugly roti
but i still love her awesome halwa
and faatu is flat on her jalwa.

gupta my chotu
was stud-ious guy
one thing i was never suppose to say
but he has made us gay.

the accident prone area
or you can say sakshi dhingra
who named me maaaaad
did one thing which was not bad

she made me meet this per-son`a
who gave me sheet to slove this palindroma
and i wrote a story better then drona.

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