Tuesday, March 31, 2009

those were the days

those were d days
when we all were use to be together
those were d days
when we laughed for each other
those were d days
we stayed awake all nights
those were d days.....

now a dust of wind
has blown it all
now there is no one to wipe our tears
and nothing is left in our hands
but when we r alone
we still keep sayin
those were d days....

we tried to rescue our self
from this attack of time
we stayed awake all night
to find a solution ,
but we didnt knew that
our lonely nights have just began.
but we still kept dreamin:
those were d days...

friendship merly a word for us
or does it mean something to us?
we dnt have to ask this qouestion to others
but we gotto ask this to our self
so that we should stop sayin "those were d days"
and start livin those days..

my college friends

my college friends
i met them in this strange city
the city beautiful chandigarh

faatu was that guy
i met him on my first day
he didnt gv me a smile
but we have been toghter since a while

rahul the dog
was the don
but always goes down
with the dawn.

narayan the "cute" sardar
always ready to give a ride
but never ready to show her sister's side
gosh she is damn hot!!!

chadha the other delhite
never remained in front of my site
but was always ready for chadhi's love bite

vanu the moti
always makes the ugly roti
but i still love her awesome halwa
and faatu is flat on her jalwa.

gupta my chotu
was stud-ious guy
one thing i was never suppose to say
but he has made us gay.

the accident prone area
or you can say sakshi dhingra
who named me maaaaad
did one thing which was not bad

she made me meet this per-son`a
who gave me sheet to slove this palindroma
and i wrote a story better then drona.

there is a thing in our hearts

there is a thing im my heart
that i want to tell you
but im afraid of loosing you

there is a thing in ur heart
that u want to tell me
but i knw you cant say that to me

there is a thing in my heart
that i want to reveal
but im afraid to open the seal

there is a thing in ur heart
that u want to share
but i knw the time wouldn't allow u to dare

we both knw that
there is a thing in our hearts
so,let the time decide
when our heart would concide


It's Amazing...
How one person can change your life
How a smile from you can erase everything bad
How life seems less scary when you're holding my hand.

It's Phenomenal...
How fate brings two strangers together
How I survived before I knew you
How, whenever I'm with you it's like a great new adventure.

It's Beautiful...
How love can be so unconditional
How learning about you is like reading my favorite story.
How loving you is so easy.

And I'm so thankful...
That I'm able to know this
Beautiful person
And that is you

its just a formality

every thing has just
become a formality
i guess we are
drawing each other's normality

nobody is ready
to wear the dress of casualty
everyones fallin at the
door step of formality

nobody is near
my locality
coz everyone is
teaming up with formality

we want to stay
with multiplicity
but we are getting
divided by formality

love we share was never made to die

all she say is "find a way back into love"
but how can i explain her that
i dont want any other pretty face,
I don't want just anyone to hold.

i want it to happen
and im waitng for that tommorow to come
i want that she to know
how much i love her
but i knw tommorow never comes

i agree that i hv been
hiding all my hopes and dreams away,
And avoid that circumstance
Where theres a chance to tell her how I feel

i wasnt afraid of speaking
but i did it all for ur happy ending
you were everything ,that i ever wanted
so all the time i was pretending
but i did it all for ur happy ending

dnt take me wrong i want u to knw
that once a wise man said
"When you love someone - you'll do anything
You'll do all the crazy things that you cant explain"

So you should know this love we share was never made to die
I'm glad we were on this one way street just you and I
Just you and I

those nights

I remember when
We used to laugh
About nothing at all
It was better
than going mad

Stay up late
and we'd talk all night
In a dark room
lit by the small light
Through all the hard times
in my life
Those nights kept me alive

We were so young
and confused that we didn't know
To laugh or cry
Those nights were ours
They will live and never die


i tried to go away
like i never knew ed you
i might be weak
but my words says it all

i prayed for
my heart to be broken
but without you
i am going to be

voices tell me that
i should carry on
but i am swimming
in an ocean all alone

i know u still wonder
if we made a big mistake
but i promise
i wont let you go
coz without you
i am going to be